J. and V. Anstee:                               “Sonia is an excellent coach to help you work on your relationship.  We’re both self employed and we’re at a stage in our businesses where it was really tough some days to stay positive. Sonia helped us to stop in-fighting and find the sweet spot of alignment where we can remember the strengths and love in the relationship and not just feel the strain.

We explored roles within the relationship and discovered how this was contributing to overwhelm and resentment. From a place of alignment and connection we’re creating a really strong foundation and new way of being with each other that supports our family in being strong, confident and resourceful.

What makes Sonia standout is she’s warm, smart, intuitive and really pragmatic. You walk away with more than just awareness, you have commitment, practical steps and accountability.

If you want your relationship to flourish, hire Sonia to help you with this work. She’s awesome and really cares.”

M.H. Business Owner:                     “Sònia is an attentive coach who sharply defines the issue at hand and dares to confront you when needed. When doing so it’s always with loving kindness and supporting humor. She’s also great in getting you in touch with your strengths! She helped me to unveil certain patterns. Together we explored them -with a great deal of laughter-  and  that gave me new insights in what is really important to me.  It gave me more awareness and choice.”

E.S., Financial Manager:              “Sònia’s has a sixth sense to know people, she can see the essence behind the appearances. She brings high levels of awareness that help you make your own choices.”

R.D. Entrepreneur:                         “Sonia radiates an energy of possibility; what stands out is her intuition and her ability to connect with the collective intelligence”.

L.P., CEO:                                        “Sonia is able to create a space of infinite possibilities for you to find your path. She allowed me to connect deeply with a feeling of unity, and chose a powerful perspective about the illusion of separation. It made me feel part of something bigger and had a positive impact in my relationships, especially the closest.”

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