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Clarity Publish wo datesH.B.        “I attended the workshop “Clarity” out of curiosity. Little did I know how powerful it would turn out to be. It helped me sort through a complex career issue that I’ve been struggling with for some time, and quickly turn the situation around. Sometimes all that’s required is a shift in perspective. That is exactly what this workshop did for me. We did not lose time going into details. Rather, Sonia and Marcel asked questions that went straight to the heart of the matter. I am very grateful for the good change they have effected in my life since I attended their workshop. If you want new doors to open in your life through approaching anything from a different angle, this workshop is for you. It is respectful, effective, and illuminating.”

Brian van Nunen    I am glad that I was able to join the workshop Clarity developed and given by Marcel and Sonia. It has definitely enriched my life. Marcel and Sonia made it possible to explore my thinking process in a very safe and secure environment. It is so much easier to learn about the blockages I make in my mind when it is done in a warm and loving environment created by Marcel and Sonia with great awareness and attention. The view and the methods they taught me are very practical and I use them still on a daily basis. I sometimes wish it was the day before the workshop so I had this precious gift in front of me. Do not hesitate to follow this workshop, it is life changing and the effort you have to make well spent!”

Milan     I was pleasantly surprised by the workshop. It offered various ways and exercises to gain insight into yourself  and to be able to work with yourself and achieve possible goals in your life.

The theme I brought to the workshop was the wish to have more ease and self confidence in my life. During the workshop I already noticed an increase in these two aspects and I learned ways to continue working with them on my own. Thank you for that.


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Testimonis Tallers pares/maresAdolescents web

  “Aquesta “estona” és IMPRESCINDIBLE per a ajudar-nos a prendre consciència dels postres problemes i inquietuds com a pares i què podem canviar per a millorar aquesta relació meravellosa.”  

  “Em sento molt feliç d’haver pogut participar en aquesta activitat i us agraeixo la vostra classe. De vegades necessitem fer un reset per re-aprendre i veure les coses amb un peu enrere (observador) per poder disfrutar i valorar el que tenim a casa (un arbre màgic, ple de sorpreses, al que hem de regar i guiar i del que aprenem cada dia perquè no deixa de ser el nostre MESTRE.”

 “Ha valgut molt la pena compartir les meves vivències amb el grup, així com ells ho han compartit amb mi.

  “És fantàstic poder créixer com a persones ajudant-nos els uns als altres.”

  “Com a mare agraeixo infinitament l’oportunitat de poder assistir a cursos com aquest per poder enfortir i millorar la relació amb els nostres fills.”

  “Valoro molt positivament l’oportunitat de poder reflexionar. Parar i autoanalitzar-nos, al mateix temps que compartim experiències de manera sosegada.”

  “Aquesta experiència t’ajuda a resituar-te i tenir ànim per a seguir millorant.”

  “Recomano moltíssim a qualsevol pare o mare que faci aquest taller. Animeu-vos, val molt la pena”

  “Ho he trobat molt interessant per fer-nos reflexionar sobre coses quotidianes que funcionen per inèrcia. En definitiva millorar la nostra qualitat emocional i al mateix temps per la família.”

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