I mentioned in my previous post that I was taking the time to go deeper in my current experience.

I have been meditating this morning, my son woke me up after 4am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to use the quiet time to get centered and unblock the energy.

Morning before school with kids has gone much smoother than any other day of the past week. In terms of work, I have been able to get things done today, things I was struggling with yesterday or the day before.

Right now, I notice myself much more positive and confident.

In this case my pause doesn’t seem like one really because I took time from my sleep. But I really started yesterday when I decided to drop everything I was trying to accomplish and go for a walk.

A pause doesn’t have to be a meditation or a walk. It can be a dance, gym, a run. Whatever helps quiet the mind. When the mind is quiet, there’s shift in energy. We are present and we see more clearly.

In the toughest times in my professional life, I remember I would purposefully take small breaks to clear my mind. Sometimes I would just look at the birds through the window in my office. Or I would stop to take deep breaths, walk, etc. For some it was strange, I would see people rushing up and down, while I was taking a little bit of distance. That “distance” allowed me to retake my challenges with much more clarity and efficiency. So why wait until the end of our work shift to take a pause?

If you are interested in knowing more about Mindfulness, check Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s bibliography

Taking a pause increases productivity
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